Why Play?

  • Businesses need every employee to contribute to the financial success of the company
  • Employees must possess both financial & business literacy
  • Nearly 70% of Americans wouldn’t pass a basic financial literacy test
  • Financial Literacy improves productivity & performance
  • Provides participants the opportunity to learn in a faced-paced, interactive environment
  • Facilitates team building and great for training all levels of an organization
  • Participants take a role & are presented with critical decisions, investment opportunities, & strategic planning scenarios
  • Navigate through situational implications affecting the financial impact on the company
Profits and Cash

100% of attendees experience increased Business & Financial Literacy by playing the game!

Player Outcomes:

  • Understanding how the business makes a profit & how cash is generated
  • Attain true financial acumen & are able to identify & understand critical numbers along with their influence on numbers
  • Develop an understanding of how decisions influence the big picture
  • Achieve a greater understanding of the financial statements, the business & their individual impact on the bottom line
  • Financial & Business Literacy greatly increases, often two-fold

“The game was first and foremost engaging as well as extremely educational and provided
real-world experiences connecting to the financials in a practical way”
– a Player of Profit & Cash®