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Customized Financial Training for your Industry

The benefits of your employees knowing the numbers are huge. In our groundbreaking studies we have found that employees who know the numbers increase customer service and perform more like real teams because they have a common goal. Companies from Intel to GE Capital, from utilities to manufacturers, from banks, credit unions and insurance companies to government agencies and nonprofits as well -- all have used financial training provided by Capital Connections (CCI) to create smarter, more business-conscious workforces.

Most companies start this training with their managers and supervisors, the ones who can coach the rest of the organization. But employees at every level in your organization can learn to understand essential financial numbers and concepts by playing the game of Profit & Cash®. This unique learning tool, with over 450,000 past participants, utilizes an interactive team approach as players "run their own company", and employees see what management has been talking about all this time.

Many customers want us to deliver the training, but others want "train the trainer". Call us so we can explore with you what might work best for your enterprise.

The Objectives of this unique kind of financial training:

  • Teaches business basics which help each employee understand the organization's financial objectives...
  • Gives participants a chance to make the kinds of business decisions that affect the company's success...
  • Provides a stimulating, engaging and fun-filled educational event time after time!

Players Learn These Important Basics And More:

  • Profit is not the same as cash
  • Companies increase profits by increasing sales and controlling or lowering costs
  • How to check a company's overall health by computing simple ratios and percentages (from the company's financial statements)
  • How sales numbers affect the company's Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Statements
  • How a loan affects business decisions
  • Why it's critical to keep accounts receivable current

Better Decisions and Stronger Business Results

As employees begin to grasp the critical concepts that ultimately determine the success of your company, they will better understand how basic business decisions are made. In addition, they will recognize how their everyday contributions have a direct impact on business results.

Some customers have sent thousands of their employees to the financial training that CCI has designed. Please contact us for references.

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